Frequently asked questions

Can I get 10 balloons for my party?

Unfortunately we only sell to trade accounts. If you need a couple of balloons for your party or event, send your post code to and we can provide you with the closest stockist.

How do I get a trade account and become a registered stockist?

Click the order online button and the Blue sign up link,complete the form, after it's reviewed and approved, we will set up a trade account and then you will have full site access. You can also call 0121 285 8808 or email and ask for an aplication.

How can I order?

You can place an order online, on the phone at 0121 285 8808 or by email at

What comes with the balloons?

The wand balloons come complete with the balloon, the LED wand, the base and a set of Energizer batteries. The helium balloons come with the balloon, the LED lights and battery pack and a set of Energizer batteries.

How long do the balloons last?

The helium balloons last 16 to 18 hours and the air wand balloons with care can last for months.

Can you ship me a balloon?

Unfortunately to ensure that you receive the best quality balloon our stockists do not sell our balloons flat packed as there is no way to guarantee the condition they will arrive in.

Can I buy Jellyfish Balloons from Amazon or Ebay?

No, only local registered stockists are approved to sell Jellyfish Ballons.

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